Single Rehabilitation Services

Supporting local employers and employees towards recovery in the workplace

Initial Needs Assessment

We establish rapport and engage the worker early into their recovery at work program. Recommendations are made for strategies to be implemented to overcome barriers to a successful recovery at work.

Case Management

We provide seamless case management and individualised services by ensuring regular and systematic communication. This is combined with concise and clear reporting, to ensure that all parties remain aware of case status and progress towards their end goal.

Rehabilitation Counselling

Assisting the worker to move forward past particular barriers through use of techniques including, but not limited to:

  • adjustment to disability counselling
  • motivational counselling
  • job match identification

Vocational Assessments

Vocational Assessments are commonly used for injured workers who require New Employer Return to Work services due to an inability to return to pre-injury employment. Vocational Assessments are conducted to assist a worker to identify new and appropriate work opportunities to match their physical capabilities and skills.

Workplace Assessments

Workplace Assessments are useful to identify functional, environmental, psychological and social demands of a worker’s pre-injury demands and duties. It Identifies and assesses appropriate suitable duties to assist with the development of suitable duties plans used to facilitate recovery at work and assists to gain a strong understanding of the employer and workers needs to recover at work.

NTD Case Conferencing

Face-to-face or telephone communication involving the doctor, injured worker and other stakeholders in order to:

  • discuss and gain agreement to the recovery at work process
  • facilitate upgrades in medical certification
  • agree on strategies to overcome barriers


Our redeployment and job placement services cover all areas relevant to achieving successful outcomes for the employer and the employee. Our specialised teams of rehabilitation and employment service consultants focus solely on assisting people who, for a variety of reasons, are seeking work with a new employer. Services include:

  • Vocational assessment and vocational counselling
  • Effective job search skills training
  • Work trial / Host employment canvassing
  • Labour market research
  • Psychometric testing

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) / Functional Assessments

An FCE is an individualised assessment of a worker’s functional capacity. We use a series of standardised tests and work in specific simulation activities to assess potential to return to suitable work. FCE’s can also be used to identify persons at higher risk of injury in certain roles or better identify capacities during the return to work process.

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