Return-to-Work Services

Supporting local employers and employees towards recovery in the workplace

Same Employer Services

Centered around early intervention, CHESS takes a proactive and strategic approach to same employer services when it comes to workplace rehabilitation. We ensure:

  • A thorough initial assessment of an individual’s situation
  • That further services are appropriate and aligned to the specific needs of the case
  • The creation of a plan to ensure the timely, safe return to work.

The subsequent return to work plan includes:

  • Recommendations that are specific, goal oriented and time bound
  • Targets for the earliest possible return to work or return to full capacity.


New Employer Services

We recognise that when delivering New Employer Services, there is no ‘one way suits all’ solution when returning injured individuals to the workforce. Instead, our rehabilitation and redeployment services are customized. We:

  • Focus on the specific needs and requirements of the individual
  • Target barriers and build skills needed for safe return to work

Our Rehabilitation Consultants are also experienced in employment placement. They specialise in:

  • Job search skills training
  • Developing networks and relationships with employers to achieve the best outcomes for new employer cases

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Remember that recovery happens everyday.

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