Mentally Healthy Workplaces

Our Mentally Healthy workshops help employers to collaborate with staff to identify simple, concrete actions to promote mental wellness in the workplace.

Mental health conditions are costing Australian businesses billions of dollars each year in absenteeism, presenteeism, increased staff turnover rates and compensation claims. By investing in the mental wellness of your workforce you:

  • improve staff morale
  • increase staff engagement
  • reduce staff turnover
  • improve interpersonal relationships among employees
  • reduce conflicts and complaints

Studies show that every dollar spent on effective mental health action in the workplace returns $2.30 in benefits to the organisation.

As experts in the mental wellness and recovery fields, CHESS have developed strategic services and workshops to help support mental wellness in your workplace. We have identified 6 pillars of support that create a framework within which these issues of mental health in the workplace can be addressed. This framework assists your organisation to address these issues at a grassroots level.

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Promoting mental health in your organisation benefits everyone. We all have a role to play in looking after our own mental health and in creating a mentally healthy workplace

If you would like to learn more about how your business can benefit from implementing mentally healthy workplace practices contact us below for a free consultation

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