Tailored workshops designed to support the wellbeing of employers and staff in modern day workplaces

Fostering workplace wellness is an investment in an organisations most crucial asset: its staff. Reinforcing healthy behaviours within the workplace can:

  • reduce staff turnover
  • reduce conflicts and complaints
  • improve staff morale
  • increase staff engagement
  • improve interpersonal relationships among employees
  • reduce absenteeism

We work with employers to craft workshops that are tailored to meet the unique needs of their organisation, ensuring each workshop we deliver is targeted, practical and result orientated.

Our workshops range from 1 hour to half a day and can be delivered within the workplace or any other location, to small groups or large.



Mentally Healthy Workshops

Mental health conditions are costing Australian businesses billions of dollars each year in absenteeism, presenteeism, increased staff turnover rates and compensation claims. Studies show that every dollar spent on effective mental health action in the workplace returns $2.30 in benefits to the organisation.

This workshop provides the framework on how to address mental health issues within the workplace and build capacity for a healthier, happier, more productive workforce.

  • Understand, manage & reduce stress, build and encourage resilience
  • Learn what mental ill health can look like at work
  • Create healthy and productive work habits and culture
  • Reduce the stigma attached to mental ill health
  • Techniques for stronger induction and clearing communication in the workplace
  • How to approach challenging conversations when you are concerned for someone you work with

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Practical Workplace Etiquette

Promoting and supporting respectful conversations and behaviour within the workplace is crucial to a harmonious and collaborative workplace environment. This workshop covers practical and proven techniques such as curious questioning, reflective listening and cultivating unconditional positive regard so that staff and employers can cultivate respect and understanding in the workplace. This includes:

  • Education for staff on how to approach challenging conversations with their employer, such as asking for time off, workload, performance reviews and more
  • Education for employers on how to approach challenging conversations with their employees, such as performance reviews, mental health concerns and more
  • Education on how colleagues can express concerns to each other in a respectful and courteous manner.
  • How to de-escalate potential conflict situations

Workplace Intelligence

The workplaces of the past look very different to their modern day counterparts. This workshop prepares staff and employers for the agile workplaces of tomorrow through the development of their emotional intelligence and leadership skills. These key skills are crucial to fostering harmonious and innovative workplaces.

  • Building capacity for resilience and self-care in the workplace
  • Identifying and de-escalating potential conflict situations
  • Developing ‘soft skills’ such as effective communication and teamwork
  • Techniques for nurturing an environment that encourages initiative and innovation

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