Connecting local businesses with reliable and committed jobseekers.

CHESS Employment Services provides specialist assistance to connect employers with their ideal employee – at no cost to you. We do this through our disability employment service, designed to help jobseekers with a disability or health condition find and maintain sustainable employment. Ensuring that jobseekers are carefully matched to the needs of your business is a critical component of the CHESS service model.

How We Assist You

  • Free professional recruitment advice and jobs matching
  • Job design for employees
  • Tailored on-the-job or off site support for new employees
  • Ongoing support for as long as is required to ensure sustainable employment
  • Linkages to training and development for up skilling employees
  • Disability employment information and training
  • Assessment of eligibility for generous wage subsidies
  • Assistance for any employee of an organisation whose job may be in jeopardy due to mental illness or disability
  • Guidance through funding processes
  • Service co-ordination and linkages to other supports and community organisations

How your Business Benefits

Research has highlighted many benefits for an organisation who hires a staff member with a disability or health condition. Benefits for your organisation include:

  • Being well regarded by staff and the community as being a good employer and place of business
  • Increasing awareness of workplace practices and conditions for all employees
  • Increased levels of customer and staff loyalty

Who is Eligible?

In order for CHESS to assist employers, employers need to:

  • Employ participants and pay appropriate wages in line with relevant industry awards
  • Meet all tax and superannuation obligations
  • Have a position that is in open employment
  • Not be an industry that would bring CHESS or the government into disrepute.


Our company has been extremely fortunate to have three staff (so far) referred to us through CHESS. All of these staff are friendly, have an excellent work ethic, are able to research answers to technical issues that come up and regularly exceed the amount of work we set for them each day. We feel really lucky to have them with us.

In addition to this, the staff members we’ve been dealing with from CHESS have been fantastic. Jenny, Sue and Hayley have all been so professional over the years and we can see the genuine care that they have for their jobseekers.

On behalf of our company, I just wanted to take a moment to thank CHESS for the great experience we have had in working with your organisation.

— Testimonial from local business owner in the Coffs Harbour region

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