Vocational Intervention Program – Fast Track

Fast Track facilitates the smooth return to work for people with a brain injury, with CHESS working in tandem the client, employer and co-workers to ensure the process is as easy and natural as possible.

Benefits of Fast Track for the employer are:

  • A coordinated approach for managing the return to work
  • Expert assessment of the job the employee held in the past, and tasks that may be suitable for a return to work
  • Development of a graded return to work plan with advice on hours and days of work
  • Information and feedback with the work team.

Benefits of Fast Track for the employee are:

  • Early contact with the employer and planning the return to work
  • A flexible approach and tailoring the work plan to suit each person’s abilities
  • Monitoring and upgrading the return to work plan to achieve work goals
  • Establish supports and strategies to best manage work tasks.

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