Vocational Intervention Program

Assisting members of the community return to the workforce after a brain injury.

VIP - Vocational Intervention Program

Please note: We are unable to support any additional people in the Vocational Intervention Program. We are hoping to be able to continue this service in to the future – please stay tuned for further updates

The Vocational Intervention Program is a new initiative designed to achieve better work outcomes for people with brain injury by supporting and strengthening partnerships between employers, people with brain injury, their families, clinicians and vocational service providers.

Returning to the workforce following a brain injury is an important step towards rehabilitation, at CHESS we facilitate the coordination of services and support for people with brain injury who are either returning to existing work or those who wish to explore new employment opportunities.

This specialised support is free to both clients and employers participating in the VIP initiative with insurance for work training placements included. Our goal with this new program is to enhance the collaboration and sharing of knowledge across health and vocational service providers to better understand and support the local community.

There are two components of VIP:

  • Fast Track – Assisting people following brain injury to return to their employer.
  • New Track – Assisting people to explore future work opportunities with unpaid work & training placements

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In the News

Succeeding against the odds to return to work

Julian beat the odds to survive a massive head injury in 2001, when he was 43 years old. Through the Vocational Intervention Program and with the help of CHESS Staff, Julian received the support and encouragement he needed to get back into the workforce. Working closely with CHESS and his employer to ensure the appropriate supports were in place, Julian completed his trial period and was offered a permanent part time job, working two days a week.

“To describe the program as a success is an understatement”
- Julie Dennis, Julian’s wife

If you're living with a brain injury and would like to explore your employment options contact our friendly staff for a confidential discussion.

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