Partners in Recovery

Guiding members of the community with mental illness towards long-term recovery

North Coast Partners in RecoveryCHESS together with eight other organisations across the North Coast deliver Partners in Recovery, a service that assists people to recover from a range of long term, complex problems associated with severe and persistent mental illness.

Our goal is to strengthen partnerships between existing community services in order to provide our clients with a co-ordinated and individualised treatment plan, tailored to their specific needs. In doing this we hope to improve the pathways to community services and supports, to enable recovery-focussed systems of care and nurture sustainable independence for our clients.

What our Support Facilitators do

  • Assess the support needs of each individual client
  • Identify beneficial services and supports from multiple health sectors
  • Refer and connect clients, carers and families with required services
  • Support and strengthen a person’s own efforts towards recovery
  • Help to recognise and address barriers to recovery

Who is Eligible for PIR?

  • A person with severe and persistent mental illness
  • A person with complex and unmet needs that require the services of multiple agencies
  • A person who requires substantial support and assistance to engage with various services
  • A person who has no existing co-ordination arrangements in place (or they are in place they are not working)
  • A person under the age of 65, an Australian citizen or holder of permanent or special protection visa

Where can you Access PIR Services?

CHESS currently has 3 PIR Support Facilitators based in our Coffs Harbour & Grafton offices.


PIR Application Form

PIR Information Sheet

Would you like to set up private and confidential discussion with one of our PIR caseworkers? We can meet you in a place where you both feel comfortable and safe. You can also bring along a family member, carer or friend if you choose. Get in touch with us now.

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