Community Services

Supporting Locals through Mental Illness and Disability to live a ‘Strong Life’

Our purpose as an organisation is to support disadvantaged members of our community to achieve a Strong Life by providing a range of programs to assist those with mild to more complex health issues.

CHESS Community Services strive to be leaders in the mental health and wellness field with the aim to break the negative cycle of isolation experienced by people living with mental illness and disability by facilitating access to services and identifying barriers to care.

We support our clients in real ways, partnering with multiple community organisations to develop services and strategies that are genuinely ‘people focussed’ and driven by social justice principles.

We Can:

  • Provide access to and guide participants towards the right services for their unique needs
  • Assist with self-reliance, independence and empowerment of individuals living with a disability or mental illness
  • Provide guidance to set and achieve goals to improve the lives of participants
  • Help to develop personal skills and confidence
  • Work in collaboration with family, carers and health professionals to strengthen our clients own efforts towards recovery
  • Identify barriers to care that are holding people back from accessing services
  • Provide coping mechanisms to tackle everyday tasks like getting to places on public transport, housekeeping, and budgeting
  • Support increased community participation
  • Assist with returning to work or job training for people recovering from brain injury


A-Z of Recovery – written by CHESS Peer Worker Vicki Nosworthy

Our Services

Personal Helpers and Mentors (PHaMs)

Assisting socially isolated people with mental health issues to live independently and productively through a holistic strengths-based recovery approach.

Partners in Recovery (PIR)

For people with severe and persistent mental illness who want to discover pathways to recovery

Vocational Intervention Program (VIP)

For people with brain injury who need assistance returning to work or want to develop new skills and explore work recovery.

Mentally Healthy Workplace Workshops

Helping employers to collaborate with staff to identify simple, concrete actions to promote mental wellness in the workplace.

If you are living with a disability, brain injury or mental illness and would like to explore your options in regards to mentorship and support services, get in touch with us by filling in our enquiry form.

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