Living with Mental Illness – The Cost of Reform

Unfolding Reform The NDIS is the most significant change in welfare since Medicare, a very positive change for people living with disability so they can have greater choice and control over the services and support they need. As with any large scale funding reform, there have been challenges with accessibility and it will naturally take […]

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Promoting & Understanding Self Care for Men

The Men’s Health Week catch cry of 2017 “Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Keeping the Balance” is a great theme and one that resonates with Mental Health and the key elements to living a strong life. Better holistic health promotion amoungst men would certainly make a difference. As a mental health support worker I’ve seen the […]

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psychosocial disability and the ndis

Psychosocial Disability & the NDIS

Services operating in the mental health sector have progressed the language around mental illness to promote recovery and wellness for people living with mental illness. With this culture of language in mind, the word disability has not been a term used often within mental health recovery focused services or organisations, like CHESS Employment. Because of […]

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