Accessing the NDIS

CHESS are ready to help current and new customers on their journey to NDIS success

Accessing the NDIS

  • To access the NDIS you must first provide diagnosis of your disability and evidence of the impact of your condition
  • The next step is to create your first plan with a representative at the NDIA
  • You then put your plan in action by choosing a NDIS service provider like CHESS that suits the requirements of your plan
  • Your plan will then be reviewed by the NDIA every 12 months to make sure you’re getting the support you need.

We can assist with guiding you through this process. Contact us for more information.

Choice & Control

It is important to remember that you’re in control. You can choose how to manage the funding for the supports in your plan ensuring the costs of the services you’re accessing are transparent and measurable. You have choice over which providers you select and when and how your supports are delivered. You can also opt for a ‘plan nominee’ or request the NDIA to help administrate your funding.

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