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It’s Time for Management to Lead the Way in Mental Wellness

A trending article caught my attention recently. It related the story of a manager who supported a staff member for being open and disclosing the reason for taking a personal leave day was to focus on her mental health. The fact that mental health is still stigmatised in our community and in our workplaces is […]

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Jonathan’s Story

3 years ago Jonathan found social interactions challenging. But with the right support he was able to find work and now has the confidence to do the things he loves. WATCH Jonathan’s journey below          

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A Vision in the New World of Disability and Employment Services

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is setting Human Services on a new path, transforming the sector to customer choice and open market competition (well…nearly). Health services are being transformed through the integration of services and greater collaboration by providers to deliver earlier intervention. Other sectors including employment services are also experiencing the same level […]

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Following a suggestion from my GP, I was referred to CHESS Nambucca Heads approximately 3 years ago. I attended my appointments with Mum as I did not feel confident enough to do this on my own.

With the ongoing support of my EC I was able to gain training in the Hospitality Industry and after completing my Cert 3 traineeship I was offered a position at Macksville Ex-Services Club.

I have now been employed by the Club for 2 years and absolutely love my new life. I am so much more confident, have new friends, am motivated and have money to buy things for myself.

My new found confidence has enabled me to do things I never could before, like attend Supanova Pop Culture conventions, go to the gym and get fit.

Without the assistance of CHESS who knows where I would be now? At home playing video games, eating and wasting my life away? I would like to thank the wonderful staff at CHESS who have been so friendly and supportive and have made this possible for me.

Jonathan's Story

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